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Welcome to Urban Rec Canberra’s Social Sport Club.

Urban Rec Leagues are all about being active, being social, and having fun. At Urban Rec we stress the FUN and social aspect of playing sports with your friends. It really is all about getting out, meeting people, and generally having a good time. What’s cool about Urban Rec is you can register as a team and play with your mates or you can register as an individual and we will hook you up with a team of other individuals.

Sports We Play in Canberra



Play a different sport every week, Soccer, Basketball, Dodgeball, Hockey and much more Next League Starts Oct 9


The most fun and social sport you can play!! Duck dive dodge and laugh your night away. Great for beginners while is anyone not a dodgeball beginner? Next league starts Oct 11

Outdoor Soccer

Outdoor Soccer is one of our most popular sports, and it’s mainly because it’s so fun, and so intense at the same time. We play mostly at the Lyneham Hockey Centre which is state of the art facility. Teams love it, and you will too. Did we mention there's a bar at the facility? Next League starts Oct 10

Drop-Kick Touch

Our version of Touch Rugby is awesome there are fewer stoppages you can drop the ball (backwards) and kick on the 4th and 5th. Meaning it's fast, fun great for first timers and challenging for experts. Next league starts Oct 17


Flag Gridiron

It's America's favourite sport for a reason. If you love watching it come give it a try if you already play it's a great way to keep active in the offseason if you're just interested in trying something new it's great fun. Next league starts Oct 11

Field Multisport

Master of all, or master of one or none Field Multisport is a great way to test your skills at a variety of different field sports think Touch Rugby, Soccer, AFL or just give them all a try. Multisport is the great leveller no-one can be good at all the sports which makes it more fun. Next League starts Oct 24


Return to Recess

Remember when the highlight of your day was playing sport at recess? We want that back, so we made recess games into a sports league. Every week you will play 3 different games over 3 periods of fun. Starts Oct 30

Beach Volleyball

Spend your Sundays chilling on the beach in Canberra?? Yes, we have a beach and we're going to play volleyball on it. Next League starts 28 OCT


Indoor Basketball

Basketball has proved so popular for us in Canberra we've added a second league. This league is indoors, In our variation of basketball, we play 5 on 5. featuring significantly less formal structure and enforcement of the game's rules. It's a fun and social way to play Basketball Next League Starts OCT 28

Fast 5 Netball

It’s netball but not as you know it. Fast paced, less stoppages more time on the ball. Next League Starts October 31


Outdoor Basketball

Bringing Urban Rec's social basketball to Canberra has always been the plan. This league is outdoors, In our variation of basketball, we play 5 on 5. featuring significantly less formal structure and enforcement of the game's rules. It's a fun and social way to play Basketball League currently in progress Next League Starts JAN

King of the Street, Street Soccer

King of the Street is all about having fun, being social and making a heap of new mates. In King of the Street you play as an individual gaining points each week for playing and being on the winning team. At the end of the season the player with the most points is crowned King of the Street. Street Soccer is fun and challenging the smaller ball, the unpredictable surfaces, and alternate rules makes this sport, one of our most popular. Starts Oct 7.


Backyard Cricket

It's Australia's favourite summer sport in a league format. It's designed to be played with a beer in one hand the ball in the other Coming soon


Urban Rec has partnered with Hockey ACT to bring you J-Ball the super social version of hockey. It's fast it's fun and it's safe, it's played with a plastic stick and ball so no getting whacked by a ball or hard stick. It's a great way to get into hockey for the first time, get back into it or get social during the offseason with your mates. League Currently in progress next league starts Nov


Beach Sports Party

Urban Rec's semi-famous Beach Sports Party is back in 2018. An afternoon of Beach Sport, Soccer, Touch Rugby, Volleyball and Dodgeball, sweet tunes and brews November 24


Registering a team is easy with Urban Rec. No team? No worries we have individual teams in all our leagues ....

Not ready to join but keen to keep up to date Join the Club?

What people love about Urban Rec

Urban Rec has one goal: to provide the best possible experience to our members. Whether it's league nights, theme parties, team trips, social gatherings, or other Urban Rec events, we want to provide an unparalleled experience that you'll remember forever.


DIFFERENT SPORTS, AND STYLES OF PLAY We have hand picked the sports which we think will have the most impact. Stuff we think will add a dash of difference into your normal weekly routine.

SOCIAL, BEGINNER FRIENDLY COMPS We pride ourselves on bringing you leagues that are actually fun, and targeted at teams and individuals that don’t take themselves or the game too seriously. This is about fitness, new friends, and a bit of fun. Dickheads need not apply.

DISCOUNTS AND SPECIALS AT CANBERRA CLUBHOUSES Urban Rec think the ‘third half’ is just as important as the first and second. We work with local pubs to get you discounts and deals so you can enjoy a frothy one after the game with your new friends.

INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION Just because your work mates don’t want to play – doesn’t mean you should miss out. You can choose to sign up as an individual through Urban Rec for $135 per season. That’s literally $13.50 per game. Super cheap. Also… a great way to meet new mates. #squad